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 Colon cancer
 Hereditary Non-Polyposis
Colorectal Cancer


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 Familial Adenomatous Polyposis
  Familial Cancer


The InSiGHT Variant Interpretation Committee

06-01-2014 14:53:34

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Review of the impact of registration and screening

23-12-2013 12:23:06

Review of the impact of registration and screening on colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in familial adenomatous polyposis and Lynch syndrome. Studies consistently report that registration and screening result in a reduction of CRC incidence and mortality in patients with FAP and LS (level 2a evidence, grade B recommendation). Funding and managerial support for hereditary CRC registries should be made available.

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Inside InSiGHT

11-12-2012 00:06:28

Electronic newsletter InSiGHT.......

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2013 Meeting Australia

06-12-2012 16:08:48

The 2013 InSiGHT meeting will be organized from 28th - 31st August 2013 in Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, Australia.

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Running for hereditary cancer

28-11-2011 16:19:00

On November 6th 2011, Dr. Frederik Hes completed the New York City marathon.

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